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Great Philosopher


 The enlightened being who was traveling around the world sat at a square. The placard standing beside him read like this.

 “I am the enlightened being. Anyboy that would like to know things of the world can ask any kinds of questions. Come and ask!”

 Around him, lots of religious people were shouting at the crowd to believe in their religions. The enlightened being said to the people in front of him.

 “Things of the world aren’t made to come true by gods. Like in mathematics, things of the world come into being by what is and the meanings of what is.”

 Then, a man from a religious group said to the enlightened being.

 “Does God exist?”

 “Why do you ask me the question?”

 “I am asking because you are telling us to ask any questions.”

 “Gods exist. In the air or in different dimensions, there are gods.”

 At the answer, the religious man said as if he were waiting for such kind of answer.

 “If God exists, please show me God on the spot.”

 “Okay. By the way, I think I have to check whether or not you can see the god for yourself if I show you a god. Do you believe in a religion?”

 “Yes, I do.”

 “What is the objective of your believing the religion?”

 The religious man said, after hesitating.

 “Please ask another question.”

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