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People often come across problems which are not easy to understand.

If you ask questions you have been curious about, they will be answered.

Reader’s Square

Editorial Department

Q: I can find lots of Buddhism terms in Nature’s Teaching. Is it similar to Buddhism?


A: It is like considering foreigners who speak Korean very well as Koreans. The reason why there are lots of Buddhism terms is that, when you call what is in the world, the terms which are present in human world. Nature’s Teaching can’t create new terminology. Besides, if the contents of Nature’s Teaching is looked into, they are identifying the truths of the present religions to help people see the reality rightly other than being similar to those of the present religions.

 Nature’s Teaching is proposing ways to see the problems in what is. Through these ways, if people can understand the problems present in the world, they can enlighten themselves to behave well and live well. This is impossible through the present religions.


Q: Religions have different names of the god they worship. Anyway, if we deeply believe in such existence, can we be saved and live longer?


A: Nobody who seeks after God will be saved. In other words, no one who seeks after God and prays to God will fail to save themselves. Why is that so? This can be easily confirmed. Life is the way to keep you. That is, the way to the eternal life lies in life. It is really a stupid thing not to seek after it through your life but to pray to God for it. It is to live not for life but for death. To those who pray for everyting and abandon life, truths are not precious things.

 What use is the world to those who abandon themselves? They come to throw away themselves and follow falsehood. Although the truth of falsehood is easily revealed through confirmation, they are afraid that the truth is revealed and come to believe that the falsehood is true. After all, saving themselves is not achieved.

 “Be alert to the falsehood. Always confirm.”

 This is the best message in this era.


Q: I don’t know the exact meaning of the word, subconsciousness.


A: Subconsciousness is the consciousenss which comes into being due to what existed. All the destinies exist by subconsciousness. That is, judgments, thoughts, or behavior takes place by the operations of what exists in consciousness.

 All the things in the world have existed by subconsciousness. For example, when we planted a seed of pine tree, a pine tree sprouted. It was because a pine tree existed in the seed. The reason why, when humans meet a thing, some like it but others don’t or their thoughts or behavior is different is that they have unique subconsciousness. If someone shows talents in a field, even though they have never learned it, it is due to the subconsciousness. A blacksmith who dealt with metals for a long time in his past life was born. In this life, he was born in a rich family so he didn’t work at a smithy. One day while he was passing by a smithy, he saw a smith beating iron and came to interfere in his job.

 “Hello! You’d better do the job this way.”

 This is possible because what existed in his past life remains in his subsciousness. Those who are smart in this life will be smart in the next life. Those who live earnestly will live so in the next life. Those who are leading a life of debauchery will live in the same way in the next life. After all, all the things come into being by what exists.

Q: Which is better for living well, being earnest or mastering skills?


A: No matter how good your skill is, if you aren’t earnest it is useless. However, although you don’t have any specific skills, if you are in earnest and try to know what is and learn through what is, you will be greatly successful sometime. Even though earnestness doesn’t seem more advantageous than skills for now, earnestness will prevail in the end. It is because you can attain better skill through the earnestness.

 Those who have skills but aren’t earnest can’t promise success. These days, some people say earnestness makes a loss, which is trouble. A certain man can say he worked earnestly but it can be just what he says. It is like a wolf is wearing sheepskin and says it is a sheep. Asked about being earnest, ten people answer that they work earnestly. Very few people say they aren’t.


Q: What kind of calibre does a leader have?


A: A good leader must be truthful. Those who are true and think highly of what is can become a good leader. A good leader makes a society fair and impartial. In that kind of society, all the individuals can use their abilities. Such society where all the members can display their abilities can create great power and wealth. Then the society changes into a rich and powerful society. A good leader must be a truthful person.

Q: What kind of person is a person of virtue?


A: A person of virtue is the one who can help others and can accept help from them. The one can also be called a person with luck. The one, who has luck, deals with things rightly so doesn’t end in failure. The one who has virtue and luck doesn’t have poor life. It is because the one gain wealth as a result of living diligently, frugally, and honestly. The person of virtue can live proudly because the person doesn’t have to read others’ countenance. Living regally and dealing with things carefully let the person not meet controversy and live well. This kind of person is a person of benevolence. Such person enjoys good fellowship, gains others’ trust, and are wins respect.

 In order to know virtue, you must understand Do-Deok(道德), practicing good deeds, and love. They all have the same meaning. The one who can be loved by others and love others at the same time can be called a person of virtue. Those who are shunned away by other people don’t have virtue. They don’t gain others’ trust and help from others because they don’t have virtue in themselves. They can’t accept others’ virtue because they don’t have it in themselves.

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