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Voice of Nature

◈To live, not knowing about life, is to live, abandoning the self. However, there is neither anyone who teaches about life nor anyone who desires to learn about it.


◈To live, not knowing about enlightenment is the abandonment of your future and the tasks to escape from your karma which makes you unhappy.

◈You have quality in yourself and, according to the quality, have the corresponding degree of the understandings of things. It becomes the origin of your destiny.

◈People wish to live in their limitations.

◈Destinies are the phenomena that what is in you appears.

◈You are born with your destiny but  can change it as much as you like.

◈What happened to you governs your life.

◈Destinies are made by the law of cause and effect and remain continuously in you.

◈We have to know what we must do and what we must not do.

◈The conditions for happiness are diligence, frugality and honesty.

◈Happiness is the state of no hunger, worries and loneliness.

◈Physical bodies grow through the energy which food contains and consciousness grows by what happened to you. That is, things happen to you and they build up inside you, which lead to the spiritual growth.

◈We must not anticipate better fruits from trees nobody takes care of. It is because such a thing rarely happens.

◈What exists in you always has influences on your activities.

◈You must not forget that what you do is the causes of all the results you obtain.

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