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Writing On Palm

At speaker’s corner in Hyde Park

Doseong, Lee

On one Sunday, the enlightened being went out to ‘Speaker’s Corner’ in Hyde park along with his interpreter with a picket and a chair. It was a cold windy and drizzling winter day. He sat on the chair with the picket tied up onto the fence. Very few passers-by showed interest in him and his message, even though a quarter of a day have passed. Suddenly, a man came close and started to babble away something. The enlightened being said to his interpreter.

 “What is he talking about?”

 “I don’t know what he is talking about. He seems like a weirdo.”

 “Tell him to talk slowly about what he wants to know.”

 He shouted confused babble, pointing at the message and the enlightened being alternately with a finger. Although the interpreter talked to him, he was loudly babbling obstinately. All his fuss attracted people’s attention so tens of people gathered around the scene. The enlightened being said, smiling happily.

 “Thank you! Speak much louder. Shout louder. People like this kind of show. They don’t want to listen to truths and don’t want to know truths, either.”

The babbling man walked away, looking around when people gathered.

 On the next Sunday, when the enlightened being sat at the same place the weird man was walking toward the enlightened being. He smiled and waved at the man, saying hello. The man shrugged and went to somewhere else.

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