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​Faraway Travel

at Mahachula Buddhist University


In November, 1997 we were in Bangkok. A lecture was held at Mahachula Buddhist University on November 28th. I interpreted Korean into English and the vice president English into Thai. It was one hour lecture from 14:00 to 15:30. The audience consisted of students, professors and common people. The lecture began with the introduction of the lecturer.

 “The lecturer is the one who has attained the supreme enlightenment though emancipation after Gautama Buddha. He has visited lots of countries all around the world to reveal what is and teach love, justice, and conscience.”

 The Korean lecturer began to speak.


 Basically, my teachings are the same as those of Gautama but I am also revealing some things Gautama Buddha couldn’t. The reason why no enlightened beings have appeared since Gautama Buddha is that there was no one who knows exactly about the way to the enlightenment. Therefore, I am going to reveal how people can attain the enlightenment today.

 The perfect enlightenment can be achieved though two ways. One is the method through asceticism and the other one is the method through love. It is nearly impossible for common people to attain the enlightenment through asceticism. A good number of humans have chosen this way for the enlightenment so far, only Gautama Buddha could succeeded. However, in actuality, even he didn’t attain the enlightenment for a short time. For a long time, as he repeated birth and death he had kept practicing it. In case of those whose origins are weak, they end up ruining themselves through the asceticism.

 Let’s see the other way to attain the enlightenment through love. On acquaintance, this way is easy to attain the enlightenment. This fact has never been known to the world so far. The first requirement for the enlightenment is to abandon the falsehood. If the falsehood becomes extinct, what exists is bound to be seen as it is. The second one is to have conscience and courage. The third one is to perform love in yourself.

 When I see what is and try to teach it to people, they don’t want to acept it. Most of them walk away from me, laugh at me or try to hurt me. If these kinds of things continue to happen to you, sorry feelings and stuffiness are accumulated inside your chest. These cause fire in you when they collide with things of the world and the fire burns the karma in the consciousness. The more the karma burns, the purer your spirit gets and the bigger your willpower becomes. In the end, you come to reach the emancipation and become a Buddha. This way is the best way for anyone to attain the enlightenment. However, this way has been properly known to you. If you abandon falsehood, see what is, and let the world know right and wrong in what is, even though there can be differences according to the individuals, anybody will be able to know the way to the enlightenment and the way to reach nervana.

 While you listen to what I say today, along with doubts, you might not recognize the true meaning of my words. However, if you try to confirm what I say, anybody of you will see that my words aren’t incorrect at all.

 Before your questions, the one thing I want to talk to you is that my answers and your thoughts may not coincide. It is really important for you to confirm the truths in the differences. It is quite natural that there are differences between the words of the enlightened being and the words or thoughts of common people because the enlightened beings words are exact.

 After I introduce one of the things that happened to me before the enlightenment and after the enlightenment, I will be questioned. When I thought like you and was unable to distinguish right from wrong before my enlightenment, I was a quite famous person to people. Then, as I came to see what is and not to tell lies, nobody came close to me. No matter how much I tried to become closer to them, things went athwart my purpose. Although I attained the supreme enlightenment that nobody couldn’t, I had to wander around the world because I couldn’t find any places to convey my enlightenment.

 Now, I will be questioned so that you can solve you doubts. And if you have any questions about what I have said so far, please ask questions about them.

Q: What is your enlightenment?

A: It is the truth of what is.


Q: What do you mean by tathagata?

A: It means that I attained the perfect enlightenment and see what is.

Q: Do you mean you can see the future?

A: Tathagata means seeing things in the truth.

Q: What is the truth?

A: The truth is what is and the things in the phenomenon that what is comes into being.

Q: Are you a Buddhist?

A: I’m not a religious person. My teachings and Gautama’s teachings coincide. However, what I can reveal but Gautama couldn’t is the way to the enlightenment and the secret of Changing Period, the principle of the phenomenon of repetition.

Q: Are you teachings Buddha’s teachings?

A: The contents of my teachings are the same as those of Gautama’s. Although I say the same things as Gautaga said, you don’t recognize them. It is because you are not awere of them since Gautama’s teachings have been deteriorated for a long time.

Q: Did you accept Buddha’s teachings?

A: Gautama taught what is. His teachings are seen anywhere in the world. My teachings also inform what is of you.

Q: What is the essential of your teachings?

A: It is the truth of what is.

Q: Is it correct to call you a Buddhist?

A: No, it isn’t. You don’t know exactly about Buddha’s teachings.

Q: Do you have family?

A: My family are my wife, a son, a daughter, and me.

Q: Do you teach these things to your children?

A: They don’t want to attain the enlightenment yet.

Q: Even your son and daughter don’t want the enlightenment. Don’t you think it’s much more difficult for other people to do so?

A: The same was true of Gautama Buddha. When he returned home with his enlightenment, his family didn’t want to follow him.

Q: Are you going to teach these things to your children in the future?

A: It will be possible if the environments change.

Q: Are your teachings the same as those of ‘Sing-hi’?

A: How can the teachings or a normal person be the same as those of the enlightened being? If you are curious, you can confirm it yourself. I have met most of the people who are famous worldwide. I also met ‘Sang-hi’. He said he would follow me when the time comes.

Q: Did you practice religious precepts befor you were enlightened?

A: The precepts are the teachings which are necessary for people to keep themselves during their lives. The one who owns a good origin doesn’t have to learn the precepts but lives a life, naturally keeping them.

Q: Did you attain the enlightenment without knowing the five precepts?

A: I have never learned them and heard them from anyone, either.


Q: Do you believe heaven and hell?

A: I can explain about them. People come to stay in different dimensions according to the results of their life.

Q: Do you believe an angel?


A: The souls which approach the human world are neither angels nor good gods. The souls with certain attachment which couldn’t abandon it can sometimes be reflected as angels onto the human consciousness. You people say that there are angels in the world with these kinds of things.


Q: You said people had left you after you attained the enlightenment. Why did it happen?


A: It is because of the difference between my consciousness and theirs. I always hoped that they live well through what is but they didn’t want my help.


Q: Why is what you’re doing hard and difficult?


A: I’d like to ask you a question. Can the blind see this fist?


Q: You seem to mean that we can’t follow your teaching because we are blind, don’t you?


A: Yes, it’s true. However, I try to reveal things of the world with the fact forgotten. The great teachers in the world did these things.


Q: Who were they?


A: Socrates died because of the false accusation. Jesus was killed on the cross by the same people. Lao-tzu died, wandering around the world without any pupils. Although Gautama Buddha attained the supreme enlightenment, because he couldn’t find any places to teach his teathings, he had to travel to find people he could convey his enlightenment for 80 years. However, comparatively I has been treated better.


Q: When did you attain the enlightenment? And what was the posture after the enlightenment?


A: Do you try to copy such a thing again? No matter how much you try to mimick, it’s impossible. It takes a large amount of time for me to explain about how I could attain the enlightenment.


Q: Your teachings or thoughts seem very easy. As far as we know, it is really difficult to reach nervana and attain the enlightenment. Are you a monk?


A: I was the center of Buddhas in heaven befor I was born in this world. The center of Buddhas can be explained as the one who is the very center among Buddhas. Live must exist for enlightenments. Those who don’t do so can’t understand the true meanings of Buddha’s teachings, no matter how many times they are born. What I want to emphasize is whether you are going to learn from the one who knows or those who don’t. It’s up to you. If you don’t acquire truths through what is, there won’t be any enlightenments and you will never meet the Buddha you want to meet.


The questions continued during the whole lecture. The vice president who interpreted English into Thai gave a token of his gratitude on behalf of the participants. We took commemorate picutures together.

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