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Chapter 6. Agrain of Seed


This is the name

That I gave for the world for the first time.

After having given this name,

I told her all my secrets.


The Poem dedicated to Soyeon 


A flower

That blooms in a lonely heart.

Does morning dawn

In a mind which is wet with dew?

For a bright world,

I am to bloom you as a beam of light

So I want to fill you with all my wisdom.

I thought of a red rose,

I pictured a white lily,

But I wanted to bloom

A small lotus blossom.


For the world

When you bloomed to be lonely,

For the world,

when you were In an agony

I wanted to call the flower Soyeon

That bloomed

Against such big ordeal.


Wall 1

The meaning of heaven and earth blooms

In a person's mind;

The beautiful light

feels fearful and sorrowful indeed.

I saw what had happened for thousands of years,

And I invited others proudly.


How high the wall of the mind is!




Write a piece of poetry


Walking the road of ordeals.

A man who knows my poems

Opens his soul’s eye.

The way(Do, 道) exists in the world

And virtue(Deok, 德) exists in a person,

Meeting and separating,

Is there anything to learn from you?

How profound!

There exists the way of heaven and earth

in a human being's mind.


Land of promise

In the country with the East Sea,

There are three mountains with gods,

Grudge has bloomed over five thousand years.

A solitary mind bloomed at that place,

Which made known the way to the new world.

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