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Chapter 7. Deploration

This is the song

Which I have been singing,

Seeing myself, the one who has no place to go and stay.

Heaven! Please let me find righteous people today.

And please let them cause a new world to come into being.


A man who finds a righteous man


I was not a man among a devil’s people,

But I was the king of good men.

I came through the lonely time by myself,

I am wandering and looking for a (lover)’Nim’.











The work that creates the new world

Turning round and round is the meaning of creation.

The earth splits and the waterway overturns,

The meaning of which makes the world exist.

The only thing that a man with his eyes open can do is to worry,

How deep the dreams of the blind are!



I am not guilty,


Whose is this mind which is so fearful?

When I pray

With a beautiful meaning,

How unkind the world is!

Having born his cross

Up Golgotha Hill,

An innocent man!

I envied you.

I am bearing a big burden,

So I can not desert ordeals yet,

My desolate mind is far and far,

But who in the world has known me

In an impatient time?


Ownerless treasure

There is nobody who knows my lonely mind,

There is nowhere my steps can go to, as the day dawns.

Knowing the greatest treasure of the world,

I am waiting and looking for its owners, only to fail to find them.

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