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Chapter 8. Law of Cause and Effect

The law of cause and effect is the eternal promise that exists in our world.

We call this promise truth.

I will explain things of the world by this law.


Five blessings of the world

One is the mind that repents

One is the mind that prays

One is the mind that wants to know truth

One is the mind that serves

One is the mind that delivers the meaning.


The words of a lonely man

The reason why people do not know me

Is that my words are humble.

The reason why people in the future come to know me

Is that my words are true.


Virtue 2

Not trying to enlighten the blind's mind

Is abandoning my virtue;

Awakening the their sleep

Is making me lonely.


Blessing 2

If you abandon three greeds,

You will be able to bless yourself;

If you earn three good things,

You will be able to bless the world.


Eye to see truth

The eye with the eyesight of 20/20

Can see all the things

That the eye with the eyesight of 20/2 can see.

But in the same conditions

The eye with the eyesight of 20/2

Can not see all the things

That the eye with the eyesight of 20/20 see.

The mind is like this.



People do not stay

Near a true man

Just as fish do not play

In clean water



The way(Do, 道) that a wrong person teaches

Is just to embllish a heard story.

The way(Do, 道) of a good person

Is just to see everyday life which is close by.


Way and virtue

There being no peace in the world

Is due to there being no way;

There being no happiness in the world

Is due to there being no virtue.



If your mind is dark

you will lose discernment;

If you seek the way(Do, 道) with greed

You will get disaster.


Disaster and blessing

The origins of all the diseases lie in the mind;

The origins of all the blessings lie in the body.



If you are aware of virtue, you will fear attachment and greed;

If you quit attachment and greed, you come to know the things of the world.



Even if you only live one single day

You will have to cherish your life.

Life is connected to the destiny of your endless future.



A bright world exists under the fair law;

A dark world exists under the wrong law.


Good Root

A mind without good root

Is like being color‐blind.



Truth always exists.

The reason why a person cannot see even the facts which are put in front of him

Is that the person does not have a good mind.



The words of the enlightened man are like running water;

The words of a stupid man are like stagnant water.



The greatest way(Do, 道)

Means what returns to the very starting point.


The truth

When you are to know facts

First you must see their causes.



When you try to see a good thing

First you must make a good cause;

When you try to escape a wrong thing

You must not make a trouble.



A man who opens his eyes sees the blind;

The blind can not see a man who opens his eyes.



An ignorant person comes to lose the self;

A man who does not make an effort comes to lose the world.



Accordingly as good meanings are piled up

A bright mind comes into being;

Accordingly as attachment is piled up

A dark mind comes into being.



You can see a true mind when you know the things of the world;

You can see a stupid mind when you have a greed.



Those who had killed an innocent man

made six million of their descendants give up their lives.


What I see through living

Conscience makes oneself shine,

Justice makes the world shine.


Advice and humility

Advice is like a tonic;

Humility is like treasure.



Flattery and Arrogance

Flattery is like opium;

Arrogance is like poison.



If I did not do what I have to do

It would become my own unhappiness;

If I did not keep what I have to keep

It would become the world's unhappiness.


Blessing 3

Among what you get from the world

The greatest blessing

Is to know yourself.



Truth(Way) exists in facts;

Truths are its evidence



An enlightened man does not have affection;

A stupid man does not have right and wrong.


Difference between true way and evil way

Those who believe in the true way think highly of facts;

Those who believe in the evil way do not.


Mind of big‐hearted man and small‐hearted man

The life of a great person(大人) displays stinginess towards the self;

The life of a bad person(小人) displays stinginess towards others.



Faith is the belief in the truth(眞理).

Faith without the truth causes a mind to be sick.


Way of an enlightened being(道人)

When you try to awake the world, there are conflicts;

If you know the way(Do, 道), you experience things which make you feel lonely.



The solitude of a true person originates from knowing sins;

The reason why stupid people deserted the true person is that they do not know sins.


Way of a truthful person

What’s harder

Than becoming the object of the mockery of ten thousands of people

Is to deceive just one stupid person.


That meaning

The reason why the road of hell is full is that minds are dark;

The reason why the road of heaven is solitary is that the world is dark.




You come to know the biggest blessings by enlightenment;

The biggest sins come out by ignorance.


Natural consequences of one's own deeds

When alive, those who bear others' burdens

Take off their own burdens after death;

When alive, those who hide their own burdens

Add more burdens and bear it after death.


Words of the enlightened being

Those who open their eyes see the world;

Those who close their eyes see illusion.

The reason why people do not follow the enlightened being

is that the teaching is only facts.


Among what has existed so far

The righteous one is born by the meaning of heaven;

The world blooms by the law of cause and effect.

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