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Chapter 9. Question and Answers

There is something we can not believe in the world.

However, as time goes by, people come to know such a thing.

And then it is clear that truth and falsehood can be proved in a fact.



Who are you?

> I am a tathagata.


What do you mean by a tathagata?

> I am the world.(I am the person who awakes the world)


What is the difference between the world which awakes and the world which does not awake?

> It is the difference between seeing with their eyes open and with their eyes closed.


What is the difference between the one able to see and the one unable?

> It is the truth.


Where does truth exist?

> It is in the fact.


Are you an enlightened being?

> Yes, I am.


What is the proof that you are enlightened?

> The proof is in my mind.


What is your mind like?

> It is the mind that sees a fact.


Where is the fact?

> Anywhere.


Do you call yourself an enlightened being and a tathagata?

> Yes.


How did you know that you were a tathagata?

> It is because I was also a tathagata in the past.


What is the proof that you were a thatagata in the past?

> It is the present.


If so do you know what you are like in the future?

> Yes.


By what can you prove the past and by what can you prove the future?

> It is the present.


What do you mean by the present?

> It means that the present came from the past and the future comes from the present.


If so how do we know such things?

> You get to know that by seeing the world.


Do you see the world?

> Yes.


What do you see in the world?

> It is the law of cause and effect.


What does the law of cause and effect explain?

> It explains 'I' and 'what exists in front of me'.


What do you mean by 'I' and 'what exists in front of me'?

> 'I' means oneself and 'what exists in front of me' means the world.


What is the relationship between I and the world?

> I have the cause which makes environment in the world, the world has the effect which I try to get.


Do you believe that the things of the world appear by human beings and that the things of human beings appear by the world?

> Yes.


Then, do you believe the existence of God?

> Yes.


You call yourself an enlightened being, what is the reason that you believe the existence of God as the enlightened being?

> It is for myself.


What difference do I have when I believe the existence of God or not?

> When I believe the existence of God , I can get good mind and keep it easily; when I do not believe the existence of God ,it is difficult to get good mind and keep it.


What is the good mind like?

> It means conscience, justice and love.


What is the difference between someone who has good mind and does not?

> It is the result.


What is the result of having a good mind?

> The result of having a good mind means that you can see the eternal life and heaven (the blessed land) due to enlightenment, wrong mind comes to have a grudge, the body of beasts and the hell due to it's darkness.


Do you believe that people's mind can change the things of the world and the things of the world can change people's mind?

> Yes.


If so why do not people try to enlighten themselves along with you who are aware of such things?

> That is because they still don't know the thingsof the world


You conclude that people don't see their mind , how can we believe it?

> I know that by seeing them .


What is the proof that you see them and know it?

> It is their view seeing the fact. People who have dark minds can not see the things just in front of themselves, people who have bright mind can see the things from a distance.


Then what makes it possible to determine whether a mind is a dark or bright one?

> It is personality.


In reality,what does a personality look like and what makes you say that you know their mind?

> When good mind hears facts, it tends to recognize truth as much as the brightness and when bad mind hears facts, it does not tend to recognize as much as the darkness.


Do you believe you can prove all the things about the world and people?

> Yes.


If so can you prove the things which happened in the past?

> Somethings are possible, others are not possible


What is possible, and what is impossible?

> If the handed down record is about the world, even now we can prove something of; If the record is not based on the truth, we can not.


Then what was Buddha like in the past?

> He was an enlightened man.


Did he call himself a tathagata?

> Yes.


What is the proof about the a tathagata?

> The proof is in the Buddist scripture.


What is written in it?

> It is about the world.


How can we recognize the world?

> You can understand it by the law of cause and effect.


Then what was Jesus like when we see by way of the law of cause and effect?

> He was a true man.


What was the proof that he was the true man?

> His mind, words and behavior.


Then what is the proof?

> It is the New Testament.


Are your words truthworthy?

> Yes.


Nowadays there are appearances of men who claim the name of Jesus. Who are they?

> I do not know.


What is the proof that they are not Jesus?

> It is in their words and behaviors.


Then does Jesus have proof?

> Yes.


What is it?

> His words, his behavior and the physical characteristics that he has.

The words expain the law of cause and effect, the behavior is avoiding five desires, they mean that he does not want alcohol, meat, sexual passion, wealth and fame. His physical characteristic is described as a splendid physique. He has the eye of a soul and has kind of a bead at the middle of his forehead.


 Shakamuni Buddha prophesied Maitreya in the future and Jesus as Messiah at the end of the world. Who are Maitreya and Messiah?

> They are the same.


What do you mean by the end of the world?

> It means that we will have changing period.


What is the changing period?

> All the civilizations at present will disappear and new world will come out.


How can we behave for the new world?

> You have to save yourselves.


What is the way to save ourselves?

> It is truth.


Will Messiah come and save us of this world in the change period?

> Yes.


When he will appear in the world?

> He has appeared already.


How should we meet him?

> If you open your eyes to the truth.

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